Magnolia petalS and Dried LIlies / by Brielle DuFlon

Slowly making progress on the large piece that will eventually come to be "Dance With Death" - an ode to spring, the life cycle and the constant presence of death and temporariness. This is a detail of some petals inspired by magnolia trees here in VA. I've already progressed a good deal since taking this picture, more process shots soon to come!


     I am also starting to sort some of the things I collected this summer from my garden and my walks in the woods that I'm going to stitch together in an organic collage yet to be titled (though I have some ideas). The piece is to be a sort of documentation of the summer harvest in an array of muted colors and earth tones, dried plants, insects and insect wings, nuts, seeds etc. Everything on this piece is going to be something I found or collected personally between the official beginning of summer (May 27th) and it's end (September 23rd). It's a sort of organic tribute to Junk Dada :) Here are some pictures of dried lilies from my garden that I laid out the other day: