Some Recent Shots From Inside the Studio... / by Brielle DuFlon

Have been spending copious amounts of time inside the studio what with the Gift Forest Christmas fair deadline coming up (hope I make it!!) and my January Show approaching! There have been some really sweet moments worth documenting and I've snapped pictures here and there. I recently picked a couple of christmas cacti out of the free pile at the Art Center before they'd bloomed only to find when they bloomed that they're the prettiest shade of peachy pink I've ever seen! So you'll see their shining faces here :) 

I've also become a sort of organic cleptomaniac this year! it all started this summer with the collecting of dead flowers, insects, feathers and seeds from my garden and my walks around town and in the woods for the piece I wanted to make (that is now finished! whoopee!) for January titled "Summer Harvest" - an organic display assemblage. You can see the beginnings of that piece in the little photoshoot with Steve Muskie from the last blog post. The piece is an experiment in transience and was a lot of fun to make - there are some teaser shots of the incomplete piece in a couple of these photos.  I'll post more about that later when I post pictures of the finished piece! All of that to say that I haven't been able to kick the habit of picking up things of interest when I walk around. Since it's been fall, a lot of those things have been pretty gingko and maple leaves, or seed pods or nests  - you'll see my findings in these photos as well. 

I recently went out and bought some nice fabrics to cover the futon with and to hang in front of my supply shelves because the clutter of the shelves was getting to me. I like working in somewhat minimal spaces - I find that I want to fill the space with imagination versus feeling crowded and overwhelmed by visual stimuli. I also moved my supply shelf around and brought the futon into the space to make it more welcoming and to have a more one on one interaction with my guests while they're visiting - so that's exciting! I really love spending time in there now (well, even more than before). It's cozy just in time for winter! 

Last but not least I wanted to explain the crazy crazy light in the studio in some of these shots. The McGuffey Art Center was built in 1916 and most of the panes of glass are the original panes - they're gorgeous and although they can warp your view as you look through them, the light they throw on the walls when the frequency is just right is ethereal and breathtaking - it's whispy! It's hard to explain, you'll just have to look at the photos ;)