Studio Photo Shoot / by Brielle DuFlon

Stephen Muskie, local photographer and super-nice person, stopped by my studio a couple of months ago and we got to chatting. He said he was doing a series of portraits of artists in their studios and would I mind if he took some photos of me in my studio sometime? I said no, that would be totally fine! It's not often one gets shots taken during work time. 

Three or so weeks ago he came by again to say hi and we decided to meet the following Thursday to take some photos. That day, I was in my studio working in a dress I bought at a vintage shop in town that I like to call my princess dress, as it has puffy sleeves and about 20 buttons down the front. He told me that he loved it and if by any chance I wanted to wear it for our little shoot that he encouraged it. 

The following week he came on Thursday, just as planned. I had my princess dress on and was working on this pretty large organic assemblage I've been putting together from found natural items I collected all summer. I really like the photos he got - here are a few of them. 

There will be more in the future, but these are neat and feel so candid. He was really comfortable to be around. I truly got a ton done while he was clicking away! 

Thanks Steve, you're the best :)