Went out West and Got Inspired / by Brielle DuFlon

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend Colin and myself flew from Charlottesville to Bozeman, MT for a week of visiting with my grandparents and galavanting around the sage-brush dotted landscape. We even drove down to Wyoming for a few days. 

I worked at a ranch in Wyoming (right outside of Jackson Hole) for three summers as a ranch hand and I wanted very badly to show the ranch and the area to Colin, who had never been to either state. We also drove from Bozeman to JH through Yellowstone and back up through the other side because how could we not?! 

I honestly came back so inspired, it's been wonderful. The combination of the sage, the yellow grasses, the deep plum colored willows, the bright yellow aspen and the red leaves....man, it was amazing.  

Here are my favorite photos from our trip!