The Gift Forest is in Full Swing! / by Brielle DuFlon

Hi all! It's holiday season! The most cheery and warm (or lonely and stressful, depending on the circumstances let's be realistic) time of the year! I'm participating in the Gift Forest pop-up shop again this year (it'll be my second time) though the location has changed. Here's their banner from Facebook: 

I'm making mostly collages and little tapestries for the pop-up this year. So far I've only been able to dedicate enough time to making 14 items for the shop but hope I'll have more time in the next couple of months to add to that little inventory, as well as replace tapestries that sell. I'm totally happy to make tapestry commissions as well, I've got more little canvases getting shipped to me as I type! Here are some photos of the tapestries that will be for sale - just simple, sassy little pieces from a series I like to call "Contemporary Perspectives." They are consistent with my obsession with all things temporary and transient, language, communication, and silliness. Besides being funny they reflect greater truths that are often manifested in small things with life cycles (in this case, trendy phrases).

The last photo up there ^ was taken at the Gift Forest shop by Sarah who (with Robert) runs it! 

Here are some photos of the collages that will be for sale. I only have 4 at this point, but hope to make more in the next couple of weeks! All are made with hand-made and hand-dyed or hand-painted papers and are titled (in order of appearance): "Nothing Rhymes With Orange," "Jungle Love," "Plum and Ochre Composition" and "Skyrockets in Flight!" 

Hope some of you get to make it to the shop! Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to commission a little tapestry! $35 each! Shoot me a message via the "contact" page here, or e-mail me at :) 

Happy Holidays everyone! Stay warm and cheery! big hugs to all,