"The Nutshell Studies" - 99% Invisible / by Brielle DuFlon

Another amazing radio show - 99% Invisible draws your eye to the details that make our human lives not only functional and efficient, but beautiful too. This is a podcast that specializes in design - so design lovers out there should definitely subscribe! That being said, I'll be sharing episodes on here that are directly related to the fine and visual arts and crafts...especially media that I am more familiar with or work directly with, or episodes that are relevant to my little artist life. 

For my first 99% Invisible episode share I'd like to bring your attention to this episode, called "The Nutshell Studies." It's incredibly interesting for all, but especially for people who enjoy sewing and detailed craft - this is totally unbelievable. 

Don't be turned off if you're not into sewing or fiber arts - there's a morbid crime-scene side to this story as well! Here she is: 

"The Nutshell Studies"