Brazos Tacos Commissions! / by Brielle DuFlon

I recently had the pleasure of completing two really neat commissions for Brazos Tacos, a new taco shop located in the IX building here in Charlottesville (incase anyone out of town is coming through) that's got great vibes are really great tacos, not to mention watermelon water. I love this place! 

It all started at the beginning of the year, when the owner came to me about making a stamp of their logo to use for their menus. I ended up carving a  little linoleum-block logo that is 4 inches squared, which ended up getting used on their t-shirts that've have been selling like hotcakes! here she is: 

Brazos Logo

Then, a few months ago, the owner approached me again with an idea to make colorful ink blots for the walls and although I'd never done anything quite like it (other than making inkblots for fun as a kid), I agreed to it excitedly. I ended up using the same colors that he'd used to paint the chairs; the very same paint, even! and had a lot of fun experimenting with different kinds of paper and ended up making three that are two layers and 3D, and two single-layer blots. 

It was fun and an exercise in spontaneity and unpredictability when my work is often quite planned. It's always good to let go a little :) Check them out if you are ever in Brazos Tacos, everyone! Thanks again, Brazos!