Bedtime Reading/Rest Assured / by Brielle DuFlon

I finally have some photos of the pieces that I made for the show that's currently up in the University of Virginia Law Library - Here's my official process and concept descriptions for one of the pieces, "Bedtime Reading/Rest Assured" :

 "Bedtime Reading/Rest Assured" was an unusual piece for me because I actually made an artwork that is more of an installment, sculpture or usable-object rather than a two-dimensional piece that hangs on the wall. I made a literal place to rest one's head. For this I used the collaged paper-fabric I'd put together [from the discarded law library books] that was coated/sealed and cut out the pattern of a pillowcase, sewed it from the inside, including the lip and seam for the edging, and then turned it right-side out. From there I cut a pattern into the edging, or opening of the case. I wanted it to look something like a traditional white pillowcase with a lace edge, but the shapes I cut into it are a little more art deco and less nouveau. I surrounded the greater part of these openings in a very traditional buttonhole stitch, used frequently in traditional handmade lace and of course, around buttonholes in clothing. I added a geometric tiny color detail into the "lace" for dimension and dynamism, and backed it with a fine silk rice paper that's translucent. There are also little off-white stars embroidered into the body of both sides of the pillow to allude to night, sleep, dreaming and the subconscious. Lastly, I put a used pillow inside of the pillowcase. 

The idea behind this pillow was to create something that one could rest one's head on but after reading the literature that the pillowcase was made of, one wouldn't want to. I chose some truly disturbing and relevant cases to create the "fabric" for this pillow and these are not chopped up into segments of sentences - here you can read full paragraphs of these case studies. No one wants to put their face close to them! I'm interested in the way that we, as humans, live with the awareness of what is happening around us on a daily basis. It is something that we're taught to live with and become accustomed to as we grow older. Some of us feel safe with the knowledge of a law enforcement system, others of us don't. There are truly scary extents that humans go to hurt one another and so many complicated reasons for why they do it and what pushes them. There are fair and unfair trials. All of these issues are enough to lose sleep over.