Laden Chime / by Brielle DuFlon

Official process and concept descriptions behind "Laden Chime" and some photos of the completed piece: 

"Laden Chime," was a bigger undertaking than I had anticipated and took a good deal of time. I cut the finished/sealed paper into strips and mapped it out on the wall before beginning to sew the strips of paper together. I used a combination of stitches for this - traditional running stitches for utilitarian purposes and hemming, the strips that run horizontally and diagonally were sewn tightly together using a figure 8 hinging stitch - one that is prevalent in Guatemala (where I grew up) for sewing pieces of woven fabric together side by side in a tight, decorative seam. The more loosely sewn pieces of paper that hang vertically in this piece are sewn together using a variety of complex and simple insertion stitches, which traditionally served to connect two pieces of fabric in a decorative way while leaving some space between them, creating a sort of lacy effect. The splash of color was the last thing I added to this piece and it anchors and provides weight and contrast in a space that is otherwise primarily cream-colored. 

Hanging over 6 feet tall, "Laden Chime" juxtaposes the lightness of the thin paper, sewn together into a tribal, lacy tapestry, with the subject matter racing across the strips of paper that compile it - I have made it so that people can read the heavy legal literature and dark morbid case descriptions in the piece. It's fragmented, but key words and jargon are apparent. The piece is also about the inseparable nature of sadness and beauty, or the symbiotic relationship of the two in our perception - without one, we lose sight of the other.