McGuffey New Member Show Opening / by Brielle DuFlon

First of all, if you came to the opening on January 8th, thank you!! It was so nice to see your face! I'm not going to go on a whole spiel all over again when I already wrote a weepy note with an instagram post the day after the show. I'm just going to put that little note here because it was so full of emotion, ha!  

Last night was one of the most special nights of my life. This photo is from after the show, in the studio, standing near two (of three!!) bouquets I got from amazing, sweet friends and family I love and admire, voice hoarse and head swimming with bliss, excitement, exhaustion and snippets of conversations with many intelligent people, totally inspired and overwhelmed. 

Last night felt like a huge milestone, like the kicking off of the first official year of my fine arts career, as a professional artist. It was really emotional for me - I almost choked up a few times throughout the evening while talking to friends and strangers about the things we felt passionately about. More than talking about myself or my art, I really enjoy talking about the themes and concepts behind the pieces I make - thoughts and concerns that many of us have. I am excited when my pieces open dialogues, bring up memories and moments for people from their own pasts, cause people to laugh and frown and point and look closer. Communication and relate-ability are very important to me in my art. Last night all of the things happened: people had all of the reactions, they were inspired to tell me about their own experiences, we talked about the combined beauty and ugliness of humanity, everyone seemed to have a different favorite piece for really good reasons and it was the best feeling in the planet. 

I missed my family and friends who are far away but they were there in my heart and the things I said and wore and felt. And I was so overwhelmingly blown away by the support, love, tenderness and interest of my family and friends here. My community is so much more wonderful than I could have even imagined. I've never felt so happy to be on this path or reassured that it is the right one for me. Thank you to everyone who came, seeing each of your faces meant a lot to me. Been feeling weird all day now that something I'd been anticipating for so long has passed but just going to work through those emotions ha! Xoxo

So last minute I actually got asked to fill twice the amount of space than I'd been told I was going to fill for this show, so I got all my older pieces out from early 2015, 2014 and even 2013, touched them up where need be and put those up as well. None of those pieces had ever been shown formally and this turned out to be their time! The show ended up being really cohesive and dynamic, despite all of the multiple media, there was always a thread in common, if you will. hehe. I was actually really pleased to see that contrary to what I've always imagined, I actually do have a style. My color palette is very consistent and there is a delicacy to all of my work that was really nice to see. 

Here are some pictures of the show before any people arrived: 


During the show (Colin helped me by taking my camera and snapping some shots): 

Thanks again to all who made it, it meant a lot to me to be surrounded by you all. Xoxoxo