Show lined up for October/November! / by Brielle DuFlon

Good news guys! I have a show lined up for the fall! A solo show that will be up for two months at a really neat gallery in Charlottesville. This is a huge deal! It's the biggest show I will have ever had in the states. I'm really, really excited. 

I'm not going to go into a ton of details right now as I don't want to spoil the excitement and will reveal that closer to the date, but suffice it to say that the pieces for it will revolve around litter I collect in Charlottesville as I walk around town. I want to start sharing with you all my bountiful harvests from my walks. You have here my cleaned and sorted collection of trash from a walk I took last week with bag in hand and latex gloves on! 

I have so much time to prepare for this body of works compared to any of the shows I participated in last year, it feels amazing to have some space! Looking forward to collecting things slowly and well, truly enjoying my trash picking walks and adventures. I can be extra thoughtful and selective in curating the items I end up using, even if I have extras and then weed some out! What a crazy idea! Time to actually prepare! ha. More photos to come! 

p.s. happy Monday! Hope you all have a great week!