Some Fiber Artists to Consider / by Brielle DuFlon

Lisa Smirnova 

Lisa Smirnova 

Happy Monday y'all! Look at me, blogging more regularly (does anyone read this? anyone at all? Meh, regardless...). I wanted to point you all in the direction of an article called: 

10 Artists Who Contemporize the Ancient Art of Embroidery

It's a really neat article and it just briefly introduces ten women who currently work in embroidery and are doing cool things. These ladies are all on instagram and you should follow them, as well. Lisa Smirnov, whose piece is shown above, is one of them. I really like her work! Here is a list of the names of all the ladies in the article (with links to their websites embedded) in case you want to do some quick searches: 

Sarah K. Benning 


Ana Teresa Barboza

Izziyana Suhaimi

Cayce Zavaglia 

Lisa Smirnova

Sophie Standing

Juana Gomez

Emillie Ferris 

Tsuru Bride (Meghan Willis)

So that's that. BUT! ALSO CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING DUDE!! KUSTAA SAKSI ! He certainly doesn't need my help gaining followers (none of these artists do, lol - this is all for you guys to have things to feast your eyes upon) but he does amazing work and I would love for you all to see it. My friend Julie pointed him out to me. His work is a little psychedelic and insane - I wish he'd design Animal Collective's next album cover. Here's one of his woven tapestries:  

Nightless Night , Kustaa Saksi

Nightless Night, Kustaa Saksi

Enjoy, guys!