Art Extravaganza Camp Week Results in Genius Works! Am I Surprised? No! / by Brielle DuFlon

I had an amazing opportunity last week to lead a group of thirty kids in an assemblage activity as part of McGuffey's Art Extravaganza week-long art camp. The camp was organized by fellow member and art-camp extraordinaire Renee Balfour, who pulled together five artists at McGuffey to teach the same class 5 days in a row with rotating campers: Charlene Cross, Vee Osvalds, Jane Skafte, me and Renee. There were five groups of six campers each, between the ages of 8 and 16, grouped within three or so years of each other, mostly. 

It was a great experience you guys. I laughed a lot with these guys and was so, so impressed with the different approaches that individuals and age groups had to working with mixed media. Everyone in my class had a large 20 in x 30 in piece of matt foamcore to use as their backing foundation material - for those of you who aren't familiar, foamcore is two pieces of thick paper with a layer of foam between them, so it provides a rigid, sturdy backround for anything that might weigh more than paper could handle. They had the option of using the piece whole or I was happy to cut it up into smaller pieces for them. Some kids actually used the larger piece of foamcore and additional small pieces that I cut afterword. 

Here's a photo of the collection of materials that i displayed for the campers that they could come and take supplies from over the course of the session. I think this photo is from the second day so things are still pretty organized/ in tact ha! 

(making this diagram was fun and a tech feat for me lol)

(making this diagram was fun and a tech feat for me lol)

Here are all the finished pieces, large and small (I'm so impressed and proud!!) 

Here are some action shots and details of camper's pieces: 

Long and short of it, we all had a great time last week and learned a lot about how different materials can be used in unexpected and unconventional ways and how glitter can be both a good and bad idea, ha!