Happy New Year friends! / by Brielle DuFlon

Hi guys! Happy 2017! WE MADE IT!

It’s time to catch up after the end-of-year madness and the holidays. After the show at the Bridge PAI, I took myself to Trinidad and Tobago for a week of reflection, philosophy, reading, sun and sleep. It was exactly that and it was great. It also shattered a lot of the perfectionism, discontent, restlessness and impatience that I'd been building for various years as I have been trying to set the foundation for my career. It was nice to realize that I didn’t enjoy those new aspects of my personality and that I didn’t need them. It’s obviously not an easy habit to break but I’m conscious of working on it every day. I’ve figured out what’s important to me and now I’m just trying to cultivate those values on a daily basis so that I can be the best person I can be for me and for those around me. I’m working on a written piece about my trip to Tobago that I will quite possibly share when I finish it, whenever that might be!

About actual things made and accomplished in November and December: I got four embroideries officially sent off to Melbourne, Australia where they are now for sale through a web gallery named B for Brian. Here are the pieces ! 

"Salt Rim" (left) and "Irises by a White Picket Fence" 

"Salt Rim" (left) and "Irises by a White Picket Fence" 

"Finding Home Inside" (left) and "Petri Dish Dreams" 

"Finding Home Inside" (left) and "Petri Dish Dreams" 

Here's a link to the B. for Brian Shop!

I never showed you guys "Salt Rim" before sending it off, did I? Here are some photos of the last full embroidery piece I completed in September: 

     After getting those pieces sent off to Australia I started to clean out the studio, which felt amazing. It had been collecting dustbunnies and literal dirt from my found objects for a year while I worked through all my deadlines and commitments. It felt amazing to get rid of some furniture, start painting my yarn shelves white (much better than the dowdy faux wood paneling), move everything around so that I finally had floor space, open wall space and more light. The loom has now been oriented so that there is natural light falling on what I am working on, too. The general feeling in the studio is one of openness and organization and that pleases me! Once I've got the the shelves all painted I'll share an updated photo of the space. 

As far as weaving in concerned, I did have my first warping lesson yesterday and got part of my first warp ever tied on! Check it out you guys! 

You can also catch a glimpse here of a little more floor space and a nicer layout! Also notice the two white painted shelves as opposed to the 3 fake wood ones :/ I chose bright colors for the warp so that I can test fun things on it and see how much the warp shows with different weaving approaches etc. 

You can also catch a glimpse here of a little more floor space and a nicer layout! Also notice the two white painted shelves as opposed to the 3 fake wood ones :/ I chose bright colors for the warp so that I can test fun things on it and see how much the warp shows with different weaving approaches etc. 

But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Before Christmas I had one more art project to complete - 5 little watercolor commissions based off of photos from weddings. I enjoy making little landscapes in watercolor and often do small-scale commissions for people. In this case, a friend wanted me to paint a little painting as a gift for 5 weddings she attended this year. Here they are, all together: 

After completing the watercolors I also hung six of my 9 found object assemblages from "We Made You This" and a straggler from a previous show - the first found object assemblage I ever made - at Random Row Brewing that just opened in town not long ago. This is what they look like, up: 

They'll be hanging for 3 months and we will be having a meet and greet on Thursday, January 19th so stop on by if you're in town! 

Christmas was really nice - I got to go to Montana and see my extended family on one side. It was beautifully wintery and white and I had some really sweet shared moments with nuclear and extended family members. It was special. Did you all have a wonderful holiday? I hope you were surrounded by love :) 

Since getting back I've fallen into a busier month than I anticipated. I had two projects I knew about ahead of time and planned on diving into, and am actively planning for those, or am in early stages. One of them is a triptych commission that will be getting shipped to California by mid-February, an abstract full of color and texture that should be pretty fun. I look forward to sharing the process and final product of that with you all!

Simultaneously I'm beginning work on a large recycled fabric mural at a local restaurant, Brazos tacos, composed in a similar fashion to the rose-petal piece I made last summer, "Caught Past Prime." I'm cutting ovular pieces out of the fabric to layer in a sort of fish-scale or shingle pattern, like so: 


That mural/installation should be completed by mid-march at the latest. 

I've also gotten roped in to a group show in February, last minute. It's at Chroma Projects Gallery, which will be moving to York Place on the Charlottesville downtown mall before the show. I'll be showing with two other artists who also work in mixed media. I'm going to be making some texture study miniatures for that show, I look forward to sharing those with you all, as well. 

 So it turns out January isn't as calm as I was imaging it to be but that is ok. I remind myself every day that I am lucky that what I love to do is in high enough demand that I am a little overwhelmed sometimes. It means I must be doing something right, right? I am determined to stay present throughout this month regardless of all that is now on my plate, and will try not to lose track of friends, or exercise, or the other things outside of art that I enjoy and that make me a multi-faceted person namely, reading, writing, cooking, meditating/practicing yoga, dancing, listening to music and spending time with my plants and my amazing boyfriend Colin :) 

Happy 2017 all! Looking forward to spending and sharing another year with you guys. Never hesitate to reach out through my contact page!