tapestry process

Petri Dish Dreams by Brielle DuFlon

Finished a small tapestry I've been working on for a while now just this last week - "Petri Dish Dreams!" You've seen pictures of it in progress. This was a two-layer embroidery piece: I did the first layer completely in cream-colored thread, then painted it with cream-colored acrylic paint, let it dry and then did the color embroidery over it. This is an approach I'd like to keep exploring, for sure! It was really neat to watch it come together with such a marked foreground and background. Here's the finished product:  

Here are some photos from the process of making "Petri Dish Dreams": 

Irises by a White Picket Fence Completed! by Brielle DuFlon

I couldn't be more proud of this little piece that I finally finished yesterday morning. It really feels like it's even closer to what I have always wanted for my embroidery pieces - rich and a little fantastical, textural, alive. 

It's crazy to look back at my "Hello Purple Iris!" post from a month ago and realize that finishing this piece just took focus and priority. It seems obvious but for whatever reason, I'd recently adopted a "multiple embroideries at once" approach where I would have various pieces going at a time. Instead of making me feel hyper productive it was dragging all of the projects out for way too long. I think the original approach had to do with keeping things interesting but the truth of it is that watching a piece unfold and come alive as you add this and that to it is plenty interesting in and of itself, and it is unbelievably rewarding to finish a piece in a reasonable amount of time - not to mention a much more sustainable approach to creating these pieces for a living/actually bringing all my ideas to life. I started this Iris piece almost a year ago! That's unacceptable - not only because it's only 12 inches squared but also because how am I ever supposed to price something or let go of something that I anticipated and grew with over such a long period of time? 

This piece as well as three others (mostly abstract) will be headed to Melbourne Australia soon to be sold through an online gallery called "B for Brian" - once they're up on her website I'll post a link! Though I'm sure I'll post a goodbye note when I send my little pieces off - makes me so nervous to send them across the world! 

Anyway, here she is!! 

Finished "Irises by a White Picket Fence" 

Finished "Irises by a White Picket Fence" 

Here's a process shot from a couple of weeks ago: 

"Irises by a White Picket Fence" in progress

"Irises by a White Picket Fence" in progress